Watch 2015 Rugby World Cup Online Now!

The match is on!!! It has been 12 days since the 2015 Rugby World Cup was began on September 18. Rugby teams from around the world have gathered in one place to show the world the best rugby games. Millions of fans come to see this great match. It’s been a hot competition out there and you better not miss them. In case you missed, you can still catch up other matches and cheer your favorite rugby team. Your team won’t win the game without your support. So, make sure you watch their game. The tournament itself will end on October 31. Until that, you have plenty of time to watch the full season.

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2015 Rugby World Cup, Let the Match Begins!

With more than 20 participating nations, England will witness the birth of the greatest rugby team this year. They are divided in 4 pool standings. From there, they will make their way to win the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Don’t know yet which team you’ll cheer? Well, why don’t you check the following list first?

2015 Rugby World Cup Participant List

Pool A

Uruguay – 0 point

Fiji – 0 point

England – 6 points

Wales – 9 points

Australia – 9 points

Pool B

USA – 0 point

Japan – 4 points

Samoa – 4 points

South Africa – 7 points

Scotland – 10 points

Pool C

Namibia – 0 point

Georgia – 4 points

Argentina – 5 points

Tonga –  6 points

New Zealand – 9 points

Pool D

Romania – 0 point

Canada – 1 point

Italy – 4 points

France – 9 points

Ireland – 10 points

You have until October 11 before all the pool stages played. So, make sure you watch your favorite team. Watch them beat their opponents and reach the quarter finals. Check the schedule below:

Sept 29, 2015 : Namibia vs Tonga

Oct 1, 2015 : Fiji vs Wales ; Canada vs France

Oct 2, 2015 : Georgia vs New Zealand

Oct 3, 2015 : Australia vs England ; Japan vs Samoa ; Scotland vs South Africa

Oct 4, 2015 : Tonga vs Argentina ; Italy vs Ireland

Oct 6, 2015 : Uruguay vs Fiji ; Romania vs Canada

Oct 7, 2015 : United States vs South Africa ; Georgia vs Namibia

Oct 10, 2015 : Wales vs Australia ; Scotland vs Samoa ; Uruguay vs England

Oct 11, 2015 : Japan vs United States ; Namibia vs Argentina, Romania vs Italy ; Ireland vs France

Are You Ready to Watch 2015 Rugby World Cup Online?

Are you a big fan of Rugby, but unfortunately can’t watch the match on your local TV? Trying to find the online streaming, but currently it’s blocked for your area? Well, don’t worry. You can still watch your favorite 2015 Rugby World Cup with a simple way.

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Watch 2015 Rugby World Cup Online Now

Just like any other international event, TV broadcast is not the only way to watch this world-class event. There are other channels broadcasting this spectacular even. So, you only need to pick the best channel for you. If you currently reside in UK, you can watch the game on your computer by watching the live streaming on ITV player. You can even watch any previous match by accessing the records and don’t worry about the quality as they provide the best you can see. Unfortunately, people outside UK wouldn’t be able to watch 2015 Rugby World Cup due to geo-restrictions. Unless you have something to help you, you can’t watch the match. Lucky for you, you get VPN Asia at your side.

Windows users, please click here to unblock the geo-restrictions. For Android users, you can click here and start watch 2015 Rugby World Cup without any restriction. We use non-logging VPN service to keep you completely anonymous on the internet. Not even us knows what you’re doing on the web. You have full control of your own privacy on the web and we want to  always keep it that way.

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