Stay Safe Online: Welcome October!

October 1 marks the first day of US National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Even though this event is not set on global scale, it’s important to know that we’re building our awareness over our cyber security. There are more than plenty things on the internet, which bring harm to us to our security and privacy. Do nothing and you’ll become victim. Prepare yourself and you can stay safe online.

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Learn how to stay safe online during the US National Cyber Security Awareness Month

To begin the first day of this month, why don’t we look after your child? How to make the internet a safe place for our lovely kids? How can they stay safe online? Check out the tips below:

7 Tips to Stay Safe Online

1. Keep your information private
    There’s only one purpose of cyber attack: to get your information. Whether you realize it or not, your personal information is priceless. Once you lost it, you’ll begin to lose everything, from your bank account, credit and debit card information, access to your social security, savings, and many more. If you want to keep your children safe online, then you better make sure you keep yourself safe online first.
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Keep your information private
2. Post carefully
    We love social media. It connects us to our friends, colleagues, and everyone we love to meet easily. It is a great place to share our happiness and joy, but remember one thing. There’s a huge risk in social media. Anyone can track your activity in social media, especially your posts. They can track it back to you or even your child. If I were you, I will never post private information online, especially on social media. It’s a public space and not meant for privacy. Keep your private things by your own. Teach this to your kids to ensure they will stay safe online.
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Think carefully before you post anything on the web
3. Remember to sign out
    You can do a lot of things with your personal account. In fact, many sites require their visitors to create an account before they can start using their whole features. That’s great, but don’t remember one important thing. Always sign out from your account once you’re done with it. It will prevent the website from storing your password, which is important if you want to stay safe online. Do you remember what happen when you didn’t sign out from your account? Do you even need to re-enter your password? Well, absolutely not. It’s because the website is set to remember your password if you don’t sign out from the system. Can you imagine what would happen if someone gets access to your device and somehow browse the website with your account still on?
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Signing out from your account will prevent any unauthorized access to your account
4. Check your settings
     For your privacy, websites are required to provide privacy settings for their users. This way, you can opt which information you want to provide to the website and which one you want to keep to yourself. Make sure you check these options the first time you created your account and if there was any change to the website’s privacy policy.
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Set your own privacy settings to keep any unauthorized access away
5. Don’t forget your protection
     Here’s the fact: we can’t work alone, not even on the web. While you can be sure, nothing may harm you, there are countless online threats out there. Unless you can do multiple things at once, it’s impossible to do your job, while staying safe on the web. Unless, you have antivirus. So, I recommend to installing antivirus on your machine. Many antivirus products come with other online protection packages, including antimalware, anti-ransomware, anti-adware, and many things. They exist to ensure one thing, that you will stay safe online. Just like we do at VPN Asia.
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Stay safe online with VPN Asia
6. Never meet someone you just met online
     You can’t stay safe online if you choose to meet someone you found on the web. At least, spend some time to know him/her. This is important, especially if you want to bring him/her to your environment, kids. You may be interested to know him/her, but think once again about your kids? Can you trust him/her with them?
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Don’t meet someone you just knew on the web.
7. Download carefully
    The internet is an amazing place, especially for kids. This is where their curiosity meets with lots of new things. So, unless you carefully assist your kids while surfing the web, I won’t be sure they’ll stay safe online. Kids love to download things. Sometimes, it is just because they’re curious about the title or even the image, without realizing the ‘real’ content. Staying at their side while surfing the web will help you know what content your kids should download. Guide them with care, not like your employee. Remember, they’re your kids. The only one who knows exactly what kind of thing they want to download is you. It’s not their mistake to be curious, but it will be yours if online attackers steal information about your kids just because you let them download anything.

Learn How to Stay Safe Online

Throughout this month, there will be lots of event where you can learn how to stay safe online both for you and your kids. Better not miss them 🙂

Oct 1 – 2, 2015 : Five years of Stop. Think. Connect. From this event, you’ll learn the easy way to stay safe online.

Oct 5 – 9, 2015 : Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work. From this event, you will learn how to promote better cybersecurity practices in your workplace.

Oct 12 – 16, 2015 : Connected Communities and Families: Staying Protected While We Are Always Connected. From this event, you will learn intensive ways to protect yourself while always online.

Oct 19 – 23, 2015 : Your Evolving Digital Life. During this week, you’ll explore how the Internet is growing rapidly, how more things are connected to the web, and how you can use the trend for your benefits.

Oct 26 – 30, 2015 : Building the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals: During this last week, you will learn how the world is facing with cybersecurity gap. As we move towards global connectivity, we should also improve our awareness over cyber threats.

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