Welcome, New Servers! Get Ready for the Best!

It’s the second day of October, a month full of surprises and joy. In this month, we would like to thank to you for your trust to us, VPN Asia. As a new player in VPN industry, we do realize we have many things to prove to you. Yet, you decided to trust us. There is no better gift to us than your trust to our service. This is why we always try our best to improve our service. Now, please welcome our present to you: our new servers.

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Your feedback helps us improve our service. Now, please welcome our present to you 🙂

To express our gratitude, please welcome the newest members of VPN Asia servers:

VPN Asia New Servers

New York

  1. US New York nyc-a12.vpn.asia
  2. US New York nyc-a14.vpn.asia
  3. US New York nyc-a16.vpn.asia
  4. US New York nyc-a18.vpn.asia
  5. US New York nyc-a20.vpn.asia
  6. US New York nyc-a13.vpn.asia
  7. US New York nyc-a15.vpn.asia
  8. US New York nyc-a17.vpn.asia
  9. US New York nyc-a19.vpn.asia
  10. US New York nyc-a21.vpn.asia
  11. US New York nyc-a22.vpn.asia
  12. US New York nyc-a23.vpn.asia
  13. US New York nyc-a24.vpn.asia
  14. US New York nyc-a25.vpn.asia
  15. US New York nyc-a26.vpn.asia


  1. US Chicago chi-a08.vpn.asia
  2. US Chicago chi-a10.vpn.asia
  3. US Chicago chi-a12.vpn.asia
  4. US Chicago chi-a14.vpn.asia
  5. US Chicago chi-a16.vpn.asia
  6. US Chicago chi-a07.vpn.asia
  7. US Chicago chi-a09.vpn.asia
  8. US Chicago chi-a11.vpn.asia
  9. US Chicago chi-a13.vpn.asia
  10. US Chicago chi-a15.vpn.asia

As you can see, all our new servers are located in USA. We decided to place our servers there as these locations provide faster connection than other places as of now.

Does this mean we forget our non-US users? Not, at all. Despite of our dream to bring our new servers as near to you as possible, we do face some issues to turn on the servers. While we try as best as we can to fix the issues, some places appear to be easier to handle, such as New York and Chicago. So, don’t worry. As we speak, our engineers are working their best to bring our servers to your nearest location. Hope it won’t be long until you can access those servers. Meanwhile, you can unblock any restricted content on the web, watch your favorite shows, and stay anonymous with our VPN Asia new servers.

If you have any question about these new servers or our service in general, please let us know. We’ll be glad to assist you 🙂

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Stay safe online with VPN Asia

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  1. brian

    Hi, Alexander. It’s good to hear that, but have you tried VPN Asia yet? With VPN Asia, you can access more than 200 locations with reliable, fast, and secure connection! Try our trial first, if you don’t believe how amazing our service is 🙂


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