How to be Invisible on the Web

The web. An almost perfect place for everything. But, there is something we were so curious about. So, we decided. We brought a special question to some people. We asked them, “What is your deepest desire when you hear the web?” It was very exciting then. To hear what people say about their desire. After all, it’s the internet. It has everything everyone wants. So, getting different answers would be normal. That’s what we thought. The truth is most respondents gave us one surprising, yet expected answer. They told us this. They want to be INVISIBLE on the web.

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What do you think?

Yup, that’s the one. Many people want to be invisible on the web. The question is, why? Why people care so much about this? Why should we become invisible on the web?

The answer lies on these two.

Privacy and Cyber Threats

The web is a great place. But, it is also a perfect place to commit crime. You can find so many great things on the web. But, you can also find cyber criminals there. These are people who never care about you. The only thing they care is about your personal information. In digital world like we live today, your personal information maybe worth more than any precious jewels. This is the first reason you must stay invisible online.

Another reason is your government and companies out there. I bet you should have heard about what they are doing. Don’t get tricked with their sweet mouth. Want to know what they’re actually doing? Learn this one:

Google can track you and everything about you. Yes, that famous internet corporation. They do it. But, they can’t do it without you. Every time you forgot to log out from your account, you help them to track you. This is your first lesson if you want to stay invisible on the web. Always log out. If you don’t, Google will track you.

Here is the interesting question. What will they get from you?

Well, why don’t you check them out?

  • Your search history. This information helps predict your future search.
  • Your location history. They know all the places you visited. Also, your current location.
  • Your voice search history. They can use it to profile you. With a little help from a psychologist, they can even know your characteristics.
  • Your account information. The more information you share on your account, the better Google will know about you.
  • Your bookmarks, history, and data from any device you use.

This information is pretty useless if they are left alone. But, when combined and processed, it will tell you EVERYTHING about you. That includes things you don’t know. Now, imagine if your data is leaked online. Imagine that someone might gain access to that information. If that happens, you can only hope. Hope that someone will forget that information. Hope that Google will never share or use it. Hope that it will stay hidden out there.

Isn’t it good to hope for something like that? Nope. Not at all.  We actually need that hope. Hope motivates us to make things better. But, today is not that day. Today, there are still a lot of people who want your information. They want to steal it. They want to use it for their own intentions. With it, they can hack into your account and get your credit card details. Or posting bad things about you on your social media. Or defacing your blog/website. Any nightmare about cyber threat you can imagine, they can do it if they have your personal information. This is why we need to be invisible online. This is why I need to show you how to be invisible online.

How to be Invisible Online


My most recommend way to be invisible online. VPN. Here are the reasons:

  1. VPN keeps you invisible by masking your IP. It makes you appear to browse the web from a different location. If someone tries to track you, it will only find your fake location. This way, you will stay invisible online.
  2. It creates a secure connection tunnel. IP masking can help you being invisible on the web. But, sometimes it fails. Not to mention we got some advanced tracking methods today. These systems can track you using your data transmission. Even a tiny leak can tell much about you. So, we must avoid the leak. VPN will help you with this. By creating a secure tunnel, it encrypts all your transmission. That means you’re the only one who can see your data. 100% leak proof.

Next question is, which one? There are so many VPN providers out there. Which one should you choose?

We are not exaggerating it. But, you need VPN Asia. You need the best way to stay invisible online. For this, we are the best you can get. We know what you need.

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A good alternative to VPN. It keeps you invisible on the web. There are some differences, though. Unlike VPN, TOR connects you to the web using series of virtual tunnels. These tunnels doesn’t linked directly to you. In other words, it connects you to the web indirectly. So, if anyone trying to trace you, they’ll only reach the tunnels. Pretty nice, huh?

Invisibility is TOR key feature. But, it is not the only thing you can do with TOR. Being invisible is great. But TOR loves to give you more. It helps you unblock restricted content. This is why people love TOR. They can be invisible and browse anything on the web. Want to find out what else TOR can do for you? Check this out!

  • Publish content without breaking anyone’s privacy.
  • Stay invisible while using instant messaging services
  • Stay anonymous while talking sensitive matters.
There is another reason to love TOR. With TOR, you can access the Deep Web. I love it too. But, everything comes with a price. This time, it comes with NSA. Yup, you heard it. Deep Web is a place where practically you can do anything. Anything including everything your government bans you to do. This is why NSA always have their eyes on TOR users. Every TOR users might hide something. Guns. Drugs. Black market stuffs. Even terrorism.
Surprised? Me, too. But after watching this video, I know the truth.


Most cyber attacks involve websites. Millions of people are visiting their favorite place every single day. But, only few of us who really concerns about our security. This is what hackers love. Our unawareness. They want us to underestimate the possibilities. For example, are you sure you are safe now? Are you sure this website is safe ? Are you sure those hackers are not targeting you now?

These simple questions are everything. They reflect everything we know about online security. First, they attack our mind. After that our system. That’s why you need HTTPS. HTTPS is basically an encrypted HTTP. That is the one you have at your URL address bar. It is something you see before the ‘WWW.’ So, why is it important?

An encrypted HTTP gives you one special access. It encrypts everything you send and receive from the server. Everything, without exception. Once encrypted, no one can see the content. Not even the content.

Today, many websites have used HTTPS by default. Their reason? To keep you invisible on the web. But, there are some websites which don’t. In this case, you can still afford for the encryption. How? Some websites allow users to manually choose between HTTP and HTTPS. So, check for this option on your account. If available, turn the HTTPS on. What if you don’t have that privilege? Don’t worry. You can install a free HTTPS Everywhere extension. A simple extension that will save your life.

Baffle tracker apps

Baffle apps can also keep you invisible on the web. Some may think it won’t do good. But still, you can rely on it if you want to be invisible on the web. Especially, when it concerns about tracking and privacy. So, how can they keep you invisible?

First, let me remind you there are bad websites. These websites don’t care about your privacy. Or your security. All they care is taking your data. Mostly, these bad websites appear to be ads. Baffle tracker apps exists to fight these websites. Some apps randomly send fake data to these websites. Other apps mixes things you like and hate. At the end the result is same. Those websites will never find anything about you. Or, in my words, you will stay invisible.

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PGP encryption

It may be old, but still pretty impressive. We call it PGP or Pretty Good Privacy. Like the others, this one can keep you invisible on the web. The only difference is, it isn’t free. Well, it used to be. But, today if you want its full features, you need to buy it. What if you can’t or don’t want to? Well, there is still always still a free version. OpenPGP is available for free. But, with less features, of course.

To keep you invisible, PGP uses encryption keys. We call them private and public. It uses receiver’s key to encrypt your message. As the name suggests, everyone knows this key. At the other side, there is a private key. This key is unique. Only the user knows it. PGP uses this key to decrypt your message. The best thing about PGP? It encrypts everything. Emails. Files. Texts. Directories. Even your whole disk partitions. Pretty useful app, especially for sensitive information.

PGP is good. It can keep you invisible as long as you want. But, there is a problem. If you use PGP to encrypt your content, PGP is the only way to decrypt the content. There is no other way.


It is not a tech name. Or a gadget name. We are talking about you. Being invisible on the web is not only about the hackers, but also ourselves. You can’t remove your trace if you forget who made the trace. We can’t rely too much on gadgets and device. Anyone can tamper with them anytime. This is what will happen next if we trust our devices too much. So, why don’t we do this now? Regularly check your privacy protection. You can do it once in a month or two. When you logged into your account, check the settings. Make sure it doesn’t leak your information. Turn off the location saving and sharing. Make sure neither your device nor any app shares any content without your permission. That also includes your Swarm or Foursquare. Yes, it seems normal that these apps share your location. But, beware, they also have some hidden doors to track you. So, you better turn them off. Don’t underestimate the possibility. This is your key to being invisible on the web. Only use if needed.

Is that enough? Can you be invisible then?

No. Not yet. As of now, we’ve secured your device. You should have also locked your apps now. But, there is another way hackers can sneak through.


That’s it. Today, we live on social media. We post on our account to interact with the world. That feels good, for some people. But for us, it also means a risk. Do you realize that anyone can track your post? Do you realize that anyone can use it to learn about you? So, from now on, please be careful. You can’t be invisible if you carelessly post things. On top of that, make sure you keep it private. Sharing with the world may sound good, but not safe.

Terms and Conditions

Sometimes, we lose because we don’t care. How many apps do you have on your device? Have you ever checked their T&C? How about their User Agreements? Have you ever checked them?

I hate to tell this, but most of us rarely read this section. No, I won’t blame you for this. Come in pages, this section surely needs time to read. Will it be fun? I am afraid I can guarantee that. But, at least, reading this section will be useful. You will know everything the app gives and takes from you. You know what kind of information it needs from you. If the app takes anything more, then you know are being the victim. Reading T&C might be boring, but it will save your life. Read carefully this section. If there is something you don’t understand, spare some time to research about it. If you really concern about how to being invisible online, then the time will worth it.

There is another reason not to skip T&C. You can find this at the bottom of the section.

“By using this software, you are agreeing to this Terms and Agreements.”

That means, once you used the app, there is nothing you can do. Even if the company stole your information, there’s nothing you can do. You just agreed to the T&C.


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