How to Stop Google from Spying on You

Cyber attack is not the only problem we have this year. Our privacy, at the other side, is still at stake. Government is not the only one we should fear, but companies as well. Companies, like Google, has been monitoring us the whole year. Earlier this year, an article was published by The Guardian. This article focused on how Google has been spying on us. Unlike NSA, Google uses its own Chromium browser to do the job. Chromium is another Google project that offers anonymity to its users. However, as the article said, Google lied. Chromium is not 100% private. This Chromium browser has been recording your audio and activities the year long. The worst part? None of them done with your permission.

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Google spies. We can’t deny this fact. However, it becomes interesting when it comes to Google. You see, Google is a search engine. Like a normal search engine, it collects data to work better. Now, here is the question. What if Google used the data for something else? What if it uses the data to spy on you?

This is a serious accusation. This is what we fear the most. But, does it really happen? Let’s hear how Google responded to this issue:

“While we do download the hotword module on startup, we do not activate it unless you opt in to hotwording.”

Is Our Conversation So Important for Google?

Some security experts asked Google about this.  It may look simple. Some people even don’t care about it, the same they do with Facebook. But, it is from this question, we learn about how we live in digital world. This allegation is serious. It must be cleared. However, upon hearing it, Google spokeswoman denied the allegation. She said that everything Google does is meant for user’s convenience. That includes Google Now voice command. The system does require voice data to work. However, none of them stored in Google server. She also emphasized that none of this data is used to spy on anyone.

For some people, this explanation is good enough. But, have you ever wondered about the truth? Did Google really told us the truth? Do they have no other intention in using the voice data?

There is another side of being search engine some people don’t know. The more data you have, the more you grow. That includes voice data. It can help Google understands people more. So, why should they reject it while they can use it? This is how people naturally think. We bet, that is how people at Google think. At least, some of them.

That only means one thing. Google may have denied it. However, there is still a chance they are still doing it. The probabilities are so many. The chances are too great to miss.

How to Stop Google from Spying on You

First, learn the secret. This is how to stop it. Google Chromium has been installing the code without your permission. This code will give your information, unless you choose not to opt in. That’s right. You need to “Opt out” to stop the feature.

The second step is actually optional. If you still don’t trust Google, then get another protection. We recommend getting VPN Asia for this. With VPN Asia, no information will be sent over the web without your permission. Everything is done with your permission.

So, how exactly can we protect you?

#1 Solution for Your Online Privacy and Security

Things have changed. Today, it is all about digital information. Everything you cares the most is encoded in digital information. Lose it and things will only get worse. This is how we live today.

Now, here is the challenge. If digital information is so important, how can we protect it? Today, even a kid can hack a public Wi-Fi. What guarantee do we have about our online security?

Your guarantee is VPN Asia. We are the world’s #1 non-logging VPN provider. We hate seeing you unprotected. That’s why we give you the best online protection. Thanks to our advanced security, we are able to create a secure tunnel for your transmission. Everything passes your system will be encoded. Your system will be protected with the latest technology. This way, not even Google can spy on you. Everything goes as you expect. Want to hear the best news? Not even us can know what you do.

That’s honestly spoken. Many people have tried our service. None of them left unsatisfied. If you’re looking for digital protection, it’s time to use VPN Asia. We can do things some people believe as impossible. For example, securing your mobile app. Everything you seek from digital protection, we can give them to you.

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