The Future of Mobile App Security

There are only 15 days left before we leave 2015. Through the year, we have made various achievements, especially in mobile app technology. We’ve done our best to make the world safer than before. However, it’s not enough to make the world completely safe. Cyber attacks still become our biggest challenge, especially against mobile app. Through the year, some major websites were attacked. Privacies were leaked to public. PlentyofFish and Ashley Madison users suffered the most. Their personal information was no longer theirs. At the other side, Yahoo! and Dell also suffered the same fate. There was a breach in their system. Something they thought had been cleared. The risks are still great. Not even financial industries are safe. The one we thought equipped with the latest security measures is also vulnerable to cyber attacks. That’s why we need to evolve. We need to move faster. We need to evolve the way we live. That includes mobile app we use.

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Mobile app change our life. Everything has never been as easy as today. All thanks to mobile app. Almost everything we do today can be done with mobile app. However, with benefits come risks. Mobile apps are actually group of codes. That means, anyone with coding skills can modify the app. Anyone can hack to the app. Anyone can use it for their own intentions. These are today’s criminals. They may not look dangerous. They may not bring knife or gun and point it at your face, but they are not less dangerous than other criminals. Everything they want is hacking your life. That includes stealing your personal information. They live to put your life at risk. This is how we live today.

The risks are growing. Unless we do something, things will go worse every day. So, how are gonna fix this?

The Best Way to Secure Your Mobile App

First, change your mindset. Many people thought their mobile app is already safe. So, they can relax and do nothing. This is our biggest mistake. Not all mobile apps are safe. If you keep thinking about all mobile apps are safe, you just made yourself a cyberattack target. You’ll be the easiest one to hack. Everything is because your mindset. So, change that first.

Next, check the app developer. Some developers are not aware about their mobile app security. All they thought is about how to create an app. That’s good, but not good enough. Today, many apps are equipped with in-app purchase. This eases everything. But, remember. It involves with your credit card. Without proper encryption, anyone can hack it. So, you need a trusted mobile app developer.

Most vulnerable mobile apps aren’t equipped with SSL/TLS technology. This encryption protocol scrambles your data. No one can open it. Unless, they have the right decryption key. This is not a new method to keep you safe. We’ve known it for long. That makes us curious about one thing. Why do some companies fail to protect their mobile app? Today, not even a month we can pass without cyber attack. Even so, some companies still fail to protect their mobile app. If that so, is there a future for digital security?

There’s also something you should know. Data breaches are costly. Do nothing and it will keep adding extra costs to your production. The only way to cut it is by improving your mobile app security. This should be primary concern for all companies. There’s no exception here.

Encrypted Mobile App

SSL/TLS is standard encryption protocol for mobile app. It encrypts your sensitive information, including login credentials and payment card data. An encrypted connection is easily recognized with the padlock icon in tyour browser URL bar and https. For example, our VPN Asia main page. It has green HTTPS text at your URL bar. At the left of the text, you can also find a padlock. This means we have secured our website. Now, what about our VPN Asia mobile app?

Our mobile app is secured with the latest security measures. This is crucial for your security. How can we guarantee your safety if our mobile app is not safe at all? That would be a total lie. If that happens, you better not believe us.┬áThis is how we treat our customers. We give you the best we can. That’s how all companies work. That’s how mobile app supposed to work.

Now, what if you have unencrypted connection? In this case, you let your doors opened. You invite cyber criminals to hijack your system. You invite them to steal your personal information. Everything you hold most dear, you just gave them for free.

Encrypted connection secures mobile app. It secures the path to your data transmission. Encrypted transmission doesn’t block the door. Instead, it gives a unique key to your data after scrambling it. Anyone can see this data, but reading it is another problem. Unless they have the key, the data will only appear as meaningless codes. Your mobile app is the only one holding this key. So, you better keep it safe.

One question solved. We must keep our mobile app safe. But, how far?

Mobile app usually have multiple connection in order to work. All these services are important. Hack one door and you can possibly breach all the remaining doors. So, if you want to secure your mobile app, better secure it completely. Keep all doors locked. Secure all services, not just the interface. With this, your mobile app will be safe from cyber attack.

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