How Hackers ‘Kidnap’ Your Kids

Our kids is our future. They are the one who will achieve everything we dream today. They will make a world better than ours. That’s why we do our best to guide and protect them. We fight for their best future. As parents, we share this dream. However, it’s not the only thing we share together. There is a concern among us. We fear about their safety, especially their online safety. There are hackers out there and they don’t care whom they target.

Hackers can break to any device. They do it smoothly so not even the user becomes aware of it. What if they decided to broke into devices we gave to our kids? What will happen then?

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What if hackers decided to hack your kids?

Recently, Vtech was breached. While no one doubts the company dedication in creating sophisticated smart devices for kids, their methods are still questionable in keeping children’s online safety. This incident, for example, was possible because all Vtech devices are not encrypted. But we can’t blame Vtech for this mistake. Most of us think that our kids only love to play. A happy childhood, that’s what we should give to them. There are only few of us who think that our kids also deserve safety. They need to be safe out there, especially on the web. Before this hack, many of us think that our kids did not need encryption. Until that they when we proved ourselves wrong. That day when they broke into Vtech database, they also kidnapped our children. Everything we kept as secrets are now belong to those hackers. Our child’s images, recordings, and personal information have been stolen.

Your Kids Need to be Safe

The attack affected at least 5 million customers. Soon after the incident, VTech attempted to reduce the damage. Some of the vulnerable portals have been taken down. Even the Learning Lodge app store has been shut down to cut the attack.

Even though the company insisted there’s no financial information stored in their database, many parents are still worry about their kids’ personal information. An internal source from the company told that VTech server stores some private information. They include email address, secret question, password, name, answer for retrieving password, mailing address, IP address, and download history. This information is more than enough to know more about all the children, even better than their parents. To what it leads? Who knows?

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Let’s face this. Every kid want to have a happy childhood. However, as parents, we want them to be safe, especially with hackers and child crimes out there. How, can we join these two things into one? How can we keep them safe without making it too strict? How can we ensure they’ll always have a fun childhood and be safe for all time?

Can we actually do that for our kids?


You can protect your kids and keep them happy all the time. All you need is VPN Asia. Let your kid explore the world. Let them play their favorite apps. Let them learn about technology. Do not fear at all.

VPN Asia is the world’s #1 non-logging VPN. We’ve spent quite a time to say this. With us, your kids will happy and safe for the whole time. We’ll encrypt all data transmission that involves your kid’s device. We’ll make it perfectly encoded. Hacker-proof, that’s how we call it.

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