How to Get Cheaper Car Rental

How often do you travel? How would you like to enjoy your trip? Would you choose car rental for your trip?

For many of us, renting a car gives many benefits. It is better than driving our own car. Rent a car and you don’t need to worry about car maintenance. You can save the pain from driving hours to your destination. It’s less stressful. It’s more efficient. Wait, isn’t it?

Car rental helps. Thanks to it, we can really enjoy our holiday. But, there is something car rental owners won’t tell you. The price they offer to you, is not the best price you can get. With a simple trick, you can get cheaper. In some cases, it can even up to 50% cheaper than normal. How do they do it?

Car Rental Price Discrimination

This trick does not have an ‘official’ name. But many know it as a price discrimination. Simply put: selling lies. Many rental car owners don’t charge you based on your usage or needs. They set the price based on your location. That makes me ask one thing:

Are we silly enough to take the bait?

The absence of pain and stress. These things make a wonderful holiday. We hate to have them during the whole trip. So, we try our best to remove these things. That’s normal. The only problem is what comes next. We become used to find the fastest and easiest way for everything. That includes when we decided to use a car rental. Since we don’t want to ‘waste’ time looking for the cars, we just simply look for the nearest car rental to our place. Why? Because it’s easier to find. Now, there is no doubt about it. There are lots of benefits you can get from local car rental. But, do you ever realize that sometimes they charge you more than you should pay? Many car rentals have been using this to justify themselves. They use this reason to charge you much more than you should pay.

Well, that won’t be a problem if you have trucks of money to waste. But, what if you don’t? Is there a way to get cheaper car rental?

Gladly, there is a way. It’s easy. All you need is VPN Asia, a PC/laptop, and a browser.

How to Get Cheaper Car Rental

The key is always compare the price. Now, here is how you can do it.

  • Connect to VPN Asia servers in some different locations
  • Browse several car rental sites in incognito mode
  • Don’t forget to close and re-open your browser after each visit. Delete all cookies during the process.
An internet user tried this and here are what he found. Even though he did not use our servers for this experiment, what he found is the one that matters.
automotive, car rental, vpn, asia, vpn asia
Car rental price comparison

As you can see, if you access the website using our American server, you’ll certainly get the lowest price in Los Angeles. Want to try? Click here to check our American servers!

vienna, car rental, price, vpn, asia, vpn asia, automotive
Car rental price comparison in Vienna

If you want to rent a car in Vienna, using US local server might also help you cut the price.


Need to rent a car in Melbourne? Make sure you don’t use Egypt local IP.

As you can see, spending your time to check the price range is worth everything. Of course, unless you are planning to waste your money.

With VPN Asia, you can easily cut your budget! It’s now your time to enjoy your holiday! Don’t ruin it just because you picked the wrong car rental!

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