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Things have gone better since we found internet. It changes our life. It changes the way we manage information. Do you know that whenever you access the web, it stores your information? It practically has nearly everything about you. Some people even believe the web knows you better than yourself. Whenever you surf the web, it collects your information. You may not realize it, but that’s the truth. So, unless you are fully aware of your browsing activities, you may have lost your privacy. Lose your privacy and you have lost your life. If there was a perfect  way to protect it, it would be non-logging VPN.

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The Best Non-Logging VPN connection

Non-Logging VPN? What’s That?

Non-logging VPN is a feature inside a VPN service. It gives you full control of your privacy, With non-logging VPN, you are the only one who knows about your browsing activities. With this feature, not even the government, agency, your friend, family, or the VPN provider itself knows about your browsing activities.

Wait! Do you mean some providers keep user logs?

Unfortunately, we have to admit that. For this reason, we strongly recommend using only non-logging VPN provider. Unless, you don’t care about your privacy.

Okay, I understand, but which one should I choose?

It won’t be easy to answer that question. There are many things you need to consider before choosing the right VPN provider. Skip only one aspect and you may end up losing your money and even privacy. We hate you losing these. This is the reason we give you the world’s #1 non-logging VPN provider: VPN Asia.

So, why should you trust VPN Asia? Well, check out the following review by Best VPN, then.

VPN Asia Review by Best VPN

Pricing and Plans

We love VPN Asia for its unique strategy. You won’t find different packages for different subscription plans from this provider. To replace that, the company offers same packages. The only different thing would be how long you want to use the service. By making it this way, people will have enough time to decide, whether to trust the service or not. You are allowed to ‘taste’ the following features until you decide:

  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwitdh
  • 130+ servers
  • 17 countries available
  • VPN software + OpenVPN
  • 24,000 dynamic IPs
  • Secure and Non-logging VPN
  • PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) protocols.
So, the only question remains would be: do you trust VPN Asia?
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There are 3 subscription plans you can choose from VPN Asia

First, you get 3-day trial of VPN Asia non-logging VPN service. Use the time well to make your decision, but remember one thing. There are major differences between the free and paid plan.

Free trial offers the following features:

  • 50GB bandwidth
  • 10+ servers in 3 different countries
  • VPN software (without OpenVPN)
  • 10+ dynamic IPs
  • secure and non-logging VPN
  • VPN protocols (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)).

I know, that’s not much for a VPN. Once you tried it, you might ask, “Why it’s so slow?” Well, it might be due to your free trial. Slow connection and limited features are enough reason for me not to choose the free trial. If I were you, I would choose the 1-month plan. With its 7-day money-back guarantee, I can easily get my money back if the service was disappointing.

With various payment methods available, VPN Asia offers not only great VPN service, but also easiness and flexibility. Credit card, PayPal, 2CheckOut and Paymentwall are supported. So, choose well 🙂

Note: Please remember that each user is only permitted to have 2 simultaneous connection. However, you can still install the client on multiple devices at once.

Privacy and Security

Make security as your #1 priority on the web. This is the one I seek when testing VPN Asia. Quite amazing I was to find quite advanced security protocols they have. to There are 3 protocols available: OpenVPN (with UDP and TCP options), PPTP, and L2TP. All of them are made with dedication to your security and privacy.

OpenVPN uses the following protocols to encrypt your data transmission:

  • AES-256 protocols
  • 2048-bit RSA handshaking encryption
  • SHA256 hash authentication.

At the other side, you have 256-bit encryption coming from L2TP connections. For extra security, you may consider using PPTP with its 128-bit encryption.

It might worth to state. We have other reasons to trust VPN Asia. As a non-logging VPN provider, none of your logs will be kept by the company. Only your account information will be stored. Even if your government still insisted in getting the data, they won’t be able to retrieve that. Why? It’s because the company is based in Belize. Not even the CIA, NSA, or GCHQ has jurisdiction in this area.

The Website

A nice, eye-friendly website with responsive design and sensible layout. You’ll be impressed on how VPN Asia designed its website. It has big colorful icons, nice animations, and friendly vibe to service proceedings. Combined with easy navigation, it’s such an amazing site we’ve ever seen. Also a pretty welcoming agent, if we might say. What does it imply?

You’re the best part of the company.

Once you become its member, everything will just turn better. Everything you need from the fastest and most reliable, non-logging VPN is available here. However, for your own precaution, we suggest to read carefully their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using the service.

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VPN Asia: World’s #1 Non-logging VPN


VPN Asia provides excellent customer care support. There are two ways you can contact the support team. You can either use the ticket or live chat. The ticket system is available to website visitors, which mean you don’t need to log into your account. Typically, they can solve any issue within few minutes. That’s impressive. However, if your issue requires technical support, you may need to wait for an hour or two. It won’t be long as their support team is available 24/7.

Their live chat feature is even better. Their support agents are polite, friendly, and very helpful. It seems they live to fix your issue within a minute. Why? Well, we used to have a problem with their service. It was a bit complicated one. So, what did they do? Their technician contacted us and asked for remote desktop access. Surprised at first due to the request, we found this way offers faster way to resolve the issue. Like we expected from a great customer-centric company, they fixed the issue quickly.

Besides their non-logging VPN, there’s one thing we love from this company. They offer the remote-desktop support for free. That’s such a rare offer you can get from a VPN provider.

live chat, non-logging, vpn, asia, vpn asia
VPN Asia Live Chat feature

A knowledge base is also available on the website. Before you send them a ticket, try to use this knowledge base. If you can find your issue listed there, you probably don’t need to send a ticket. They also have a great blog, where you can find lots of great stuffs. Just make sure you won’t miss their manual setup guide for Android and Windows. Those will save lots of your time. All tutorials come with images and detailed steps. Even a VPN first-timer won’t get lost after reading it. Try them and you will know 🙂

The Process

Signing Up

It’s probably the easiest VPN registration. Provide your name, e-mail address, and payment method. Next, youc an enjoy the non-logging VPN service. There’s one interesting thing. You can choose to tell them your real name or not. It’s not a problem at all. Pretty lovely, isn’t it?

Note: Your billing information isn’t sent and/or managed by VPN Asia, but a third-party provider.

Windows VPN Client

Simple design with great functionalities. That’s what VPN Asia Windows client looks like. Upon installation, you’ll be guided to configure the VPN settings. There are plenty of thing you can set. You can choose whether you want to automatically connect at boot or not. Once you’ve run the client, it will display three information. They are currently active servers, ping time, and active protocols. It is a solid information they provide. It’s the only one you need to get the best non-logging VPN connection.

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VPN Asia Windows client display

DNS leak protection is amazing. However, some things are not as good as we expect. The lack of kill switch and “auto connect to the best server” feature is somehow depressing. We think it would be good if VPN Asia provides these features soon. It will help their users getting the reliable, non-logging VPN with ease.

VPN Asia does have a good list of 142+ available servers. Spread across nations, these servers come with reliable non-logging VPN connection. The server list is great. However, perhaps VPN Asia might consider to replace it with choose-by-country list. It will surely save much time. Do you know how long it takes to scroll down the whole 142+ servers?.


Using our own testing machine, we tested every VPN Asia server. The result was amazing. It offers high-speed and non-logging VPN connection with less variance. During the test, we did experienced some ‘connection lost.’ We simply re-connect to the server and it fixed the issue. Quite easy. The best part is there is not traffic leak during the connection. HD video streaming was also consistently effortless. It is also smooth over its non-logging VPN connection.

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VPN Asia download test
vpn asia upload test, upload, upload test, vpn, asia, vpn asia, non-logging vpn connection
VPN Asia upload test

DNS protection was perfect. There was  no leak from our Windows 8.1 test machine. Even though we experienced a geo-location error from NY server, we were still amazed. In particular, it’s great to have a non-logging VPN connection without IP-check issue.

Other Platforms

VPN Asia client software is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Android OS. iOS version is not available yet. So, iOS users may need to wait for a few weeks. With this level of enthusiasm, we bet it won’t be long 🙂


The client comes with simple and nice design. You can easily log into your account from the front page. From the same page, you can choose which protocol and port you want to connect with. Easy, isn’t it? That’s the reason we love this Android client. It also has a nice feature. Now, you can save your favorite server. Just tap the star next to your favorite server. Once done, it will stay at the top of the list. Whenever you want to connect it, just find it at the top of the list. Then, tap the Connect button to enjoy the best non-logging VPN connection.

As with the Windows client, VPN Asia Android client has many great things. It offers excellent speed combined with short connection times. With OpenVPN encryption protocol, your Android now gets the best protection ever.

Our Conclusion

Things we like

  • Strong data encryption across platforms
  • Nice looking, well-functioning clients
  • Non-logging VPN connection
  • Fast servers
  • Anonymous connection and payment options
  • Good number of IPs and servers
  • Friendly, polite, and responsive support
  • Good range of security protocol


  • Please provide more technical information on your website
  • Please provide more detailed knowledge base

Things we hate

  • Nothing

VPN Asia is a new-comer in VPN industry. Yet, it offers everything you expect from a reliable VPN provider. Non-logging VPN connection with advanced data encryption. As long as you can name it, they probably have it. We also love the way they treat their users. Great customer support is what we need nowadays. Along with 142+ servers, it also has great multi-platforms client and world-class servers. We believe it won’t be long until everyone loves VPN Asia. The best reason is their non-logging VPN connection.


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