Why VPN is rated above the proxy servers?

The uses and benefits of VPN (Virtual Private Network) are unlimited. There is no business that is digitally advanced and unaware of VPN applications. In fact, every internet user knows about its effectiveness compared to other options.
In this post, we shall talk about the latest advancement in VPN. We will talk about one interesting fact.  How can VPN beat proxy servers?

VPN versus proxy server

Today, internet has become part of our life. In fact, many of us spend most of our time browsing it. While we may not realize it, browsing the internet also means placing our own security at risk. That is when both VPN and proxy servers have taken an important place in our life. We need them to keep us safe. However, with the consistently changing internet environment, our problems have evolved. The security policies have become more complicated than ever. Over time, VPN and proxy servers have been going through these hurdles. Sometimes, they helped us. Sometimes, they didn’t. For this reason, we should point out which service passes these hurdles. We need only the best, the one that passes all the hurdles successfully.
Before comparing them, let’s know them first.

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Which one is better, VPN or proxy server?


What VPN and Proxy server do?

Both VPN and the proxy server have almost similar functions. They exist to keep internet user’s identity private. How can it do that? By cloaking your location. In other words, they make your computer looks like coming from different location. While you may live in Vietnam, for example, you may seem coming from USA.
A proxy server is basically a computer system. It works similar to a bridge between user and web portal. Just like VPN, proxy server also hides user’s real credentials from the websites or the portals. So, when the website tries to locate the user, the only thing the site found will be the proxy server IP address. This is highly useful to keep your sensitive personal information secured and hidden.
VPN works in a slightly different way. It sets up a much secured connection between the user and his host server. It means the traffic does not commute from or to the user’s computer. Instead, it transmits from and to the host server. We know this as the encrypted tunnel. It is better than proxy server in securing internet connection.

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How a VPN Proxy Server works


Why VPN server is better than the proxy server?

Simply put, it is because VPN scores better in security and privacy-related issues.

How does it possible? The encryption method.
VPN technology uses 128 bit encryption. Better than 64-bit one, this encryption method hides every bit of user’s browsing details from any net surveillance. In other words, you’ll be the only one who knows your browsing activities.
These facilities are not included in the Proxy server.

VPN in News

In the recent news, VPN stood steadily through the critical issues regarding compromised security concerns. Some people believe VPN stored their information. They believe everything they know about VPN is a lie, especially for the safety aspect. They believe VPN uses user’s logs for something else, which means no one should trust it.
Now, let me show you the truth. Most VPNs have an option to change its logging mode. It means you can turn it to “Disabled” mode. Once you disabled it, the VPN service you use will not keep your activity log.
Here is my point. VPN is the technology you can trust. We are an evolving security solution. We always keep our pace with today’s security trend to ensure you will get the best protection. We are better than any security solution, including proxy server.

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