How to Use VPN for Online Poker

It’s not like any other card games. Poker is a unique, fun, and challenging poker games. Some people gather on a table, holding their cards, and compete without any idea who would win. It’s a game of strategies, mindset, and social skills. Combine these things and you can win the game. Even if you don’t have the best cards on the table, you can still be the winner. Perhaps, it is because the challenges that lead people a step beyond ordinary poker. Many people around the world has joined into something new. Online poker.

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Online Poker, A Better Way to Enjoy Poker

What Makes People Love Online Poker Better than Real Poker?

If poker was so fun and challenging, why don’t people go to casinos? What makes them choose online poker? They sure have reasons for that. If not, they won’t choose it at all. So, what do you think the reasons are?

In most cases, people choose online poker because they don’t have to go to casinos. Casinos may be the best place to play poker, but they don’t exist everywhere. Sometimes, you must travel hundred of miles to reach one. In many places, you don’t even have a single casinos. So, what? Should you just give up? Should you just give your dream of playing the best card games?

Nope. Some people are not as desperate as others. When they can’t find a casino, they create their own. They create online poker. They create an online casino where everyone can come. They don’t need a real casino if they could create one. Besides, everyone can come and play poker, thanks to the internet. Wherever you are, you can play online poker. You don’t even have a PC for that. Most online pokers are now available for mobile devices. You can play it anywhere.

That sounds amazing. When can I start playing?

Pretty soon, but before that, there are two things you should concern. First, online poker uses internet connection. Without it, you can’t play this game. Now, since it uses internet connection, it comes with real internet threat. Malware, virus, adware, hacker, cracker, and many things else. Don’t underestimate these threats. Even if you don’t bid using real money, these threats are still very dangerous. They not only steal your money, but also personal information. Once they got it, at least you should expect to lose your privacy.

So, what do cyber criminals want from online poker?

Have you ever found your account empty? Still empty even after you checked with the online poker admin? Well, that’s because they’re not the one behind it. Cyber criminals do. They scrambled the website security system to enter your account. Once they broke their way in, they can access all users’ account. Everything in there will be theirs, including your money.

Second, online pokers are restricted at some countries. So, unless you access the site from overseas, you can’t play it. Pretty amusing, isn’t it? Well, now you know how our governments have controlled our life. Everything they’ve done is done on behalf on ‘national security.’

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How can we enjoy online poker if government is still watching over our back?

Let’s review it. Poker is probably the best card game ever. Many people love it. However, playing the game is not as easy as you think. Not because we are not good enough in playing it, but because this game is not available in every countries. Besides, since it uses internet connection, it is also vulnerable to cyber criminals.

How Virtual Private Connection can Help You

Online poker websites might be vulnerable to hackers. They might be not available in your countries. However, none of these should avoid you in playing online poker. Don’t you remember this proverb? When there is a will, there is a way. So, what’s your way?


VPN or Virtual Private Connection is an encryption technology that will bring your dream come true. Everything on the web, you can access them without any rule or restriction. That’s the most important part of having a VPN, but sometimes having a VPN is not enough. Sometimes, your provider might not work good enough to provide you a reliable connection. Sometimes, they even keep your logs. Providers like them are not worth for your time. They waste your passion to play online poker for nothing.

You need something better than them. You need VPN Asia.

The question is: what makes VPN Asia better than any VPN provider?

  1. Non-logging connection; this is our priority. If we want to offer you the best private connection, we’ll start keeping ourselves away from you. We don’t and won’t keep any of our user’s log. The only one who knows your browsing activities are you alone. Not even us and anyone will know about it.
  2. IP masking for geo-restricted content. The internet is our freedom palace. It’s our place to do anything we want. However, sometimes there are people who believe they can control us. They lock the content so no one, without their permission, can enjoy the content. Same thing like your online poker. Well, we believe they don’t have the right to do that. We believe everyone can access anything on the web. So, how do we help you unlock those contents? We’ll mask your IP. Basically, we’ll change your IP so it will appear that you’re accessing the content from another country. This way, you can enjoy playing your online poker.
  3. Anonymous connection; Today, when spies are everywhere, the best thing to surf the web is being anonymous. Check what can we do here to provide you the best anonymous connection in the world 🙂
  4. Secured transmission; Your government is not the only one who watches your back. There are cyber criminals out there, waiting to plant their malicious scripts on your device. Use our secured transmission to keep you safe. Wherever you go, we’ll be there for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to show the world your poker skills? Are you ready to become the world’s best online poker player? Then, use VPN Asia to unblock any online poker website and show them your skills. The world is waiting for the best player. If you believe it’s you, then show them.

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Are you the world’s best poker player?


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