Facebook Universal Search: Check Your Privacy Now

Do you recognize something different from Facebook today? Well, guess, Facebook has recently upgraded its search feature. From now on, everything is ogleing to change. With the new feature, Facebook Universal Search, we’ve all lost our privacy.

Thanks to the new feature, now everyone can search and explore your Facebook posts. With 14.9 billion of monthly active users, that means 2 trillion of users’ post are now available for everyone. All you need to do is pick the keyword.

The Facebook Universal Search was rolled out the entire network on Thursday. Soon after the launch, Tom Stocky, Facebook Vice President of Search, told the media about the new feature. He said that often when something happens, people turn to Facebook. They use Facebook to find out how their family and relatives are reacting to certain topic. Now, in addition to your family and relatives, you can find out how the world is reacting to the topic. All thanks to Facebook Universal Search.

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Facebook Universal Search: A New Beginning or End to Privacy

Does Facebook Universal Search change anything?

We must say, yes. Facebook is no longer 100% social media. Now, it’s also a search engine and advertising company. It’s pretty interesting if we rooted back how the company began from a small student project. Now, it’s already on its wait in changing the world.

The search query might be limited on Facebook public posts. However, don’t ever underestimate the potentials. By allowing people to search through its network, Facebook just expanded the business into search engine and advertising company. Do you mind telling us what a search engine can do? EVERYTHING.

In our opinion, Facebook Universal Search is not the best thing about the new feature. Facebook may allow you to access its public posts, but that’s not the most important thing here. Do you realize that by searching those public posts, you voluntarily give your personal information to Facebook? Just like Google, now Facebook can learn more about you. What’s next? Advertising.

The most important key in advertising is user information. Whom do you want to tell the product? What makes you believe they will like the product/service? How much should you offer the product? What makes you better than other ad platform?

Thanks to your search history, Facebook can now build its own database about you. Once they pulled the statistics and conclude about it, Facebook Universal Search will turn out as a lucrative Facebook feature. With more than 14.9 billion of monthly active users and comprehensive user database, what do you think companies around the world would do? They’ll choose Facebook as an alternative platform for their ads. Thanks to your search history, Facebook can make millions of dollar per year.

Facebook’s Future and Your Privacy

Facebook Universal Search is Facebook’s first step towards search engine industry. Some tests were conducted to find out the search results. Are they accurate? Can people rely on the results?

The results were later compared to Google search engine as the world’s leading search engine. As expected, both search engines display similar results.

What does that mean?

It means Facebook has everything it needs to enter the search engine industry. It won’t be long until the company become an alternative search engine. From one side, it will be great. We’ll have another alternative besides Google and Bing. We’ll have a search engine that understands our life better than others.

The problem is how much Facebook knows about us?

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How much does Facebook know about us?

As we know, Facebook uses its Facebook Universal Search to build a database on it’s users. Everything will be stored in the servers, from your favorite pages, groups, how long you use Facebook every day, how many clicks you make, contents you view, and many more. The longer we spend using Facebook, the more data it collects about us.

If I were you, I’ll begin to worry. I mean, how can I trust Facebook? I know it helps me meet fabulous people from around the world. However, that doesn’t mean I should surrender my private information to Facebook. What makes it safe? Is there any reason I can trust Facebook?

Until the Facebook Universal Search was launched, there’s still no guarantee on our privacy. That’s the problem. We’re glad to see Facebook expands. We’re glad to see our friend, Facebook, makes a further step in re-shaping the world, but should those steps sacrifice our own privacy? Sooner or later, Facebook perhaps turn into the world’s leading search engine. Of course, thanks to our information they store in the server. When that time comes, do you remember which information you give to Facebook and which information you don’t?

What if, somehow, Facebook collects all information about us without asking our consent? What if Facebook later developed into an advertising company and give our information to third-party providers? Can you imagine there are agencies calling your cellphone and offering you a product? Perhaps you like the product, but should it worth your time? What if you don’t like the product? Do you still want getting calls from unknown people, trying to sell their products to you? What if your information was hacked by cyber criminals?

That’s enough for privacy nightmare. I can tell you that.

What can you do?

There’s nothing you can do if you want to change Facebook policy. A company is born to evolve and Facebook is on its way to do that. But, you can do something from your side. You can tell Facebook which information you don’t want to be included in their database. In other words, unless you want everyone to see your posts, keep them hidden. Facebook will only index public posts. That means no hidden or private posts will be included. Take the benefit of this.

Is that it?

What if Facebook later changed into a search engine? Is there  something better I can do?

Well, there is. You can browse the web anonymously. This way, no one and nothing will recognize your true identity. All your browsing histories will be related to someone unknown. No one and nothing will be able to trace it back to you.

Sounds impossible?

No, it’s not. You can do it easily with VPN Asia. We are the world’s #1 non-logging VPN. We can give you everything you need to re-claim your online freedom.

Want to know more on what we can do for you? Why don’t you check this article. Everything you need to trust us is there. So, better read it carefully 🙂

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