The Latest Security Threats to Mobile Platforms

How important are the latest security threats? Well, as we witness how mobile applications have reached far wider use than its original, security has become more critical than ever. You should have seen how we can barely live without our smartphone. We bring it wherever we go and use it to handle most of our tasks. You may not realize this, but the more we use our smartphone, the more personal information we store in it. In other words, anyone can access our personal information without getting into our computer. As long as we provide them the access, they can do it.

Are the mobile companies aware about this? Yes, they are certainly aware about the latest security threats. In fact, they have been mobilizing all their resources to create a system safe enough for us. However, as mobile security advances through time, so does the attackers. Their attacks are also evolving. These attackers are moving towards a more dangerous and advanced threats. What about antivirus? Should they be enough?

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How should you deal with the latest security threats?

That’s an interesting question. In fact, this particular post will discuss about your antivirus. Do you know that instead of protecting you, some antivirus proven to be the latest security threats?

How Come Some Antiviruses are The Latest Security Threats?

Some antiviruses work as post-incident medication. Just like medicine, some antiviruses need to understand the disease before curing it. Now, what if you get hit with something new? Well, in this case, you should wait. At least, until the AV company releases security update for your AV. What if the update comes late? That’s exactly the problem. The longer the update comes, the more time the attackers have to attack your system, even paralyze it. That’s how your antivirus may turn into a threat.

Recent security report indicated there are around one million malware samples in the digital world. At this rate, no one can be sure their device is safe. Anyone can be hit by the latest security threats. It doesn’t matter if you have the best antivirus. You still bear the risk.

the latest security threats, vpn, asia, vpn asia, antivirus
Can you trust your antivirus? Is it really working?

Now, let me show you an insight over our today’s security.

The most common threats prevailing in the mobile digital world:

  • Some mobile apps may dig into the your personal data and sending them to remote servers.
  • Hostile Enterprise-Signed Mobile Apps use private OS APIs to dig device information and change device settings. Once gathered, the information will be sent to to cybercriminals using shared remote networks.

How Can I Keep Myself Safe?

Until now, not a single security solution can keep you safe. What does this mean? Well, it means you need to combine different security methods. My favorite is actually an antivirus and VPN technology. With VPN, you can securely browse the internet, unblock all restricted contents, and keep your privacy. Once you combine it with an Antivirus, you will get the best protection ever. Your system will become literally impenetrable. Does it seem too good with the latest security threats around? Well, that’s the truth, I can assure you.

the latest security threats, vpn, asia, firewall, antivirus
VPN + Antivirus = (Nearly) Impenetrable Security Shield

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