How to Play Star Wars Battlefront with VPN Asia

Does Darth Vader’s death mean the end? Can peace really come to the world? The Star Wars last episode, The Return of Jedi, leaves us with so many questions. There are mysteries everywhere. But this year, all these mysteries will be revealed.

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Star Wars, the Return of the Jedi: Does it Really the End?

Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens

Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens is not just another episode of the legendary Star Wars movie. It is like a treasure that has been hidden on the bottom of the sea for decades, waiting to be revealed. Everything we want to know after the death of Darth Vader is in this treasure chest. Trailers have been released and they’re not helpful. The more we watch the trailers, the more we become suspicious on what LucasArts want to show us. What is really happening there? Did Luke finally bring peace to the whole universe after beating Darth Vader? This movie tries to answer all these questions. Even if you know nothing about Star Wars, this movie offers amazing plot, actions, drama, and fantasies. It’s a must-watch movie this year, if not the greatest, most wanted movie this year.

But, watching the movie won’t be the only way to enjoy Star Wars. Also in this year, Electronic Arts released the most renowned Star Wars Battlefront. It is just 3 days since the game was released on November 16th, 2015, but it has completely changed the game industry. Available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Star Wars Battlefront is a perfect action game for those who want to taste real fighting experience in the classic Start Wars universe. If you love Star Wars, then you’ll certainly love this game. There is no reason not to love it, believe me 🙂 I am a Star Wars fans, too. So, I know 🙂

Star Wars Battlefront

Join the Star Wars universe and choose your side. You can join the league of heroes with Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. Feel you get the Dark Force with you ? Then, you can join Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Boba Fett. Get ready for the war with the classical Star Wars vehicles like Speeder Bike, Slave I, TIE Interceptor, AT-AT, AT-St, TIE Fighter, A-Wing, X-Wing, Snowspeeder, and the Millennium Falcon.

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Star Wars Battlefront: The New Mystique of Luke Skywalker

You can play Star Wars Battlefront both online and offline. While both ways offer the same thrilling experience of fighting between the dark and light side, there are some differences you may want to know:


  • Training

    Improve your skills by training on the ground and in the air.

  • Survival

    Survive from the imperial attacks.

  • Battles

    Test your skills on different missions. You can also play with another player in this mode.

  • Hero Battles

    Stop being ordinary! Become a hero in this mode and beat your enemies!


  • Fighter Squadron

    Join the air battle and defeat your enemies!

  • Supremacy

    The ultimate 20 imperials vs. 20 rebels battle.

  • Cargo

    Get enemy’s cargo and return to your base while keeping your own.

  • Droid Run

    Join a team of 5 fighters and face another team. Your mission is to find and protect all droids you and your opponents released.

  • Walker Assault

    Another 40-person battle. Which one will you choose: playing Rebels and destroy the Imperial AT-AT or playing Imperials and protect the vehicle?

  • Blast

    10 Rebels and 10 Imperials fight with only blasters. Can you survive?

  • Drop Zone

    Join a team of 8 players and fight another team to capture escape pods that coming from the sky.

  • Heroes VS Villains

    Choose your side and beat your opponent.

  • Hero Hunt

    Become one of the 7 anti-hero or villain. Your job is to kill the villain or hero. Want to know how it feels when people coming to take your life, try to play as the single villain or hero 🙂


Environment and Guns

There are four planets in Star Wars Battlefront where you can fight on. They include Sullust, Hoth, Tatooine, and Endor. Each planet has specific power ups, star cards, and vehicles. You can also find guns on each planet, which you can use to increase your winning chance.


  • CA-87
  • A280C
  • DL-44
  • DH-17
  • E-11
  • DLT-19
  • EE-3
  • RT-97C
  • SE-14C
  • T-21B
  • T-21


  • Infantry turrent
  • Blaster current
  • Proximity bomb
  • Orbital strike
  • Smart rocket
  • Sensor droid
  • Thermal imploder
  • Squad shield
  • Vehicle turrent

Star cards

  • Cooling cell
  • Bowcaster
  • Explosive shot
  • Cycler rifle
  • Focus fire
  • Flash grenade
  • Ion grenade
  • Impact grenade
  • Ion torpedo
  • Ion shot
  • Personal shield
  • Jump pack
  • Scan pulse
  • Pulse cannon
  • Homing shot
  • Scout pistol
  • Thermal detonator
  • Smoke grenade
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Is the Force really there?

Additionally, you can also have a season pass addition. Season pass is a special, digital expansion pack containing the next, 4 expansion packs. The first pack will be rolled out in early 2016. With this pass, you can purchase more than 20 new items (including Star Cards, vehicles, and weapons), 4 additional villains/heroes, 16 extra maps for online mode, 4 new game modes, and early access to the next expansion pack. This Season Pass will be available for purchase on November 17, 2015.

When I told you this is a perfect action game, I really mean it. This game is unique. Unlike other FPS game, Star Wars Battlefront offers 40 person game mode. Choose which side you want to fight for: imperials or rebels. Join with your 19 comrades and fight for your goals. Feel the tense. Feel the air. Feel the Force.

This mode is only available online. That’s when the problem comes. You see, not all devices can support 40 players playing at the same time. That means you can expect some lags and slow connections. Don’t forget that since you’re online, you might also vulnerable to online threats. As if that’s not enough, some players may not find this mode available at their place due to geographical restrictions. Pretty amusing, huh? Well, perhaps that’s why there’s nothing perfect in this world. However, never let those imperfectness change your mind of playing Star Wars Battlefront. There is a way that can help you fix all those problems. That thing is VPN.

Why Do You Need VPN?

I am a gamer and as a gamer, I always seek for a lag-free, smooth playing experience. Even a short lag can ruin the whole. Can you imagine you can’t fire your gun and kill your enemy just because the connection suddenly drops? Instead of killing your enemy, once the connection is back, you already found yourself lying on the ground: dead. We hate to see this and this is why you need VPN. In fact, you need the best VPN because only the best VPN can give you the best experience in playing Star Wars Battlefront.

Our VPN Asia is the best in non-logging VPN. While we work to ensure your privacy and safety on the web, we also provide the most lag-free, smooth playing experience for you. We will mask your IP address and find the nearest server to give you the maximum connection speed. With us, no more lags and even online threats. Not even the most advanced hackers in the world can attack you. Plus, with VPN Asia, you can pass through any restricted content. That will be a huge plus, don’t you think?

You can also use VPN Asia to help boost your gaming experience while playing DotA, League of Legends, or even online poker.

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