Airport Wi-Fi and Your Safe Journey

Airport Wi-Fi is one of the most vulnerable targets of online attacks. These online criminals will not let you travel safe and secure. They might be using the airport internet to track your activities and even steal your information, without you realizing it. Does our government realize this threat? Of course, they realize the threat, but they also lack of budget to secure airport Wi-Fi across the country. The result is clear. There is no better place to attack than a place where massive crowd gathers without reliable security.

airport wi-fi, vpn, asia
Stay safe while browsing using airport wi-fi

Well, at least there are always hopes. You can do something to ensure your safe journey.

Stay Safe with Airport Wi-Fi

1. Secure your mobile devices

    Mobile devices keeps you updated while enjoying the trip. However, online criminals may also use them to steal your information. Protect them with the best security system. Alternatively, you can also use VPN Asia to connect any connection that involves your device. It is easy and safe, even if you use airport Wi-Fi.

airport wi-fi, vpn, asia
Secure your mobile devices and do not connect to untrusted network, even airport Wi-Fi

2. Hide yourself

     With Bluetooth and geo-tracking features, anyone can find you. Therefore, please not forget to turn them off. You must set your Bluetooth as ‘non-discoverable.’ It might be a simple solution, but it keeps people eye from searching you.

airport wi-fi, vpn, asia
Set your Bluetooth invisible before connecting to an airport Wi-Fi

3. Fortify yourself

    Strong passwords is your first defense. Therefore, make sure your family and you only have strong passwords. In most cases, it is also important to remember your phone’s ESN. This Electronic Serial Number is a unique device identification. In case you lost your phone, you can use the number to track your phone or block it. Furthermore, set your network configuration to join a wireless network on your command, instead of automatically. Do not lose your guard, even with airport Wi-Fi.

airport wi-fi, vpn, asia
Fortify Yourself with Strong Passwords before Connecting to Airport Wi-Fi

4. Avoid using airport Wi-Fi for your financial transactions

    Finish all your financial transactions before getting to the airport, without no exception. With the insecure airport Wi-Fi connection, you will become a vulnerable target for online attack. Avoid using your password, username, and any other credentials at airport. Doing this would allow online criminals to get your information easily.

airport wi-fi, vpn, asia
Avoid airport Wi-Fi for financial transactions

5. Watch your back

     Beware of “shoulder surfers.” These crooks target people who cares nothing instead of their online activities. These people usually will never notice these crooks writing down their personal information. Therefore, please watch your back even though you love browsing the web. Do not stay too close with someone else. If you could read his newspaper, then it is likely he could watch your laptop.

airport wi-fi, vpn, asia
Shoulder Surfers, They Do not Need Airport Wi-Fi to Steal Your Information

6. Keep the “File Sharing” off

     Do not let anyone share files with you. Unless you give the access, it is high likely the crooks are trying to steal your information. Share your files with only people you trust, especially via airport Wi-Fi.

airport wi-fi, vpn, asia
Always turn off your File Sharing before connecting to airport Wi-Fi

Finally, airport Wi-Fi should never ruin your trip. Stay safe while browsing the web. Our VPN Asia application can help you secure your connection. On top of that, we keep you free from online intruders.

Happy Holidays.

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