Internet Security Tips: Our Top 5

Before I give you my internet security tips, let me tell you something. We call the internet as World Wide Web for a reason. Tim Berners-Lee intentionally wanted to replicate the marvelous spider web as they created the network. They were thinking about creating organic linking of pages and sites in the future. For a moment, that idea seemed excellent, but it also has metaphorical connotations.

internet security tips, VPN, Asia
The internet is a web, where you become the potential victims and the “spider” hacker watching to attack you

Spiders use their web to catch their prey. Now, if the internet was a web, there would be more than 2 billion insects moving nearby. While they believe they can go freely, most of them do not realize the real threat. There are spiders watching their movements, waiting for the right time to eat them. On internet, we are the insects. While we believe we can browse the web freely, most of us are too blind to see the real threat. We leave digital trail. With the right tools, anyone can see these trails and reveal your precious information. Without the right internet security tips, you will become vulnerable.

Your Internet Security Tips

1. Email

    I recommend using subscription-based email, not the free ones. Most attacks target “free” emails as they are more vulnerable than the subscription-based ones. Paying more for your security is better than paying nothing, but losing your privacy and security.

internet security tips, VPN, Asia
Internet Security Tips #1: Is Your Email Secure?

2. Encryption

Data encryption still becomes the best internet security tips. While it never guarantees no one will have access to your information, it completely scrambles your information. Therefore, if anyone accessed it, the only thing they would see is the scrambled, useless version of your information. Unless they have the decryption key, there is nothing for them to see.

internet security tips, vpn, asia
Internet Security Tips #2: Data Encryption

3. Cloud Services

Edward Snowden made it clear for all of us. Unless you decrypt all your files, stay away from cloud services. Cloud storage may offer you easiness in saving your files and accessing them without bringing your laptop. However, they are also the most vulnerable targets for online attacks. We do hope that there would be major security improvements in these services, so we could trust them as our internet security tips.

internet security tips, vpn, asia
Internet Security Tips #3: Cloud Security

4. Web Browsing

While we spend most of our time browsing the web, we almost never care about our browsing privacy and security. If you want to keep your browsing activities private, I recommend you to use our VPN Asia service. Not only it will help you make the connection secure, but also it will keep you safe from any intruder, malware, virus, or anything else. You can browse without any hesitation.

internet security tips, vpn, asia
Internet Security Tips #4: Browsing Security

5. Wireless Services

Set your Bluetooth default settings to “Off.” Therefore, unless you switch it on, it will block any Bluetooth connection involving your device. Otherwise, anyone and even application can sneak pass through it. You should also be careful in using public Wi-Fi connections. At least, you should secure your connection with VPN, like VPN Asia, to secure your connection. Our VPN service that no one will ever track your browsing activities, keeping you safe from online threats.

internet security tips, vpn, asia
Internet Security Tips #5: Security Your Wi-Fi Connection

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