Stay Private on Facebook

It is not easy to stay private on Facebook. Not even the fact that we control our information on Facebook can help. Do we even realize that Facebook is part of the net? Do we even realize that once something posted on the web, it will be there forever? Even if we delete that information, the internet will always keep its record. It means, anyone can access that data anytime.

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Apart from the web, Facebook has become a huge information database for hackers. Anytime they need to know something, they can find it on Facebook. This is the first reason anyone should stay private on Facebook. The only question matters is this. Is it possible to stay private on Facebook?

It’s Not Impossible to Stay Private on Facebook

That’s it. You read it. It is not impossible to stay private on Facebook. See, on Facebook, you control all your information. Not even Facebook can ask you to do otherwise. This is your real key to stay private on Facebook. The only thing you need to do know is apply this key. How are you going to do that? Simple. Never post your personal information on Facebook.

But, how am I going to make friends without that?

Don’t worry. We’re not going to delete all information. Just a few of them. Enough to keep cyber criminals away. Enough to keep you socialize and stay private on Facebook. Ready? Here they are.

Your interests

There is a myth about Facebook. You won’t get much from Facebook without telling it your interests. Perhaps, that’s true. User’s interests allow Facebook to deliver targeted services. You’ll get more customized ads, games, suggested pages, and many more. It seems to make everything easier. You don’t need to search those stuffs by yourselves. Facebook have already prepared it for you. It looks as if Facebook understands everything about you, better than anyone else. However, do you realize that none of these works without your data? Do you realize that most of those suggested stuffs come from third party? That means, your data are no longer only on Facebook. Those third parties might also hold your data.

See, there’s a price for anything. Facebook may give you what you need. But, in return it needs your personal information. Something not everyone knows.

Therefore, here is my first tip. Never share your interests. Do this if you want to stay private on Facebook.

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Your birthday

Facebook is not just a great social media. It is also a great place to wish a happy birthday to everyone. I bet you know that. On your special day, your friends posted on your wall. All their prayers and wishes make that day very special.

Everyone loves it. That’s why we put our birthday on Facebook. So, our friends know our special day. However, let me remind you this. Sharing your birthday is not a wise decision. It is a very personal information you should never ‘leak’ to the public. Let’s remember that your friends are not the only ‘friends’ you got on Facebook. Let’s also not forget that Facebook has enabled universal search. That means anyone can search who’s celebrating birthday today.

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Am I so paranoid? Not exactly. Well, perhaps. But that is because anyone can use your birthday to access your personal accounts. Your banking account, for example.

So, here is my next tip. Never share your birthday. That if you still want to stay private on Facebook.

Your home address

Perhaps you never tell Facebook about your home address. But, how about your posts? Do you really never share it on any of your posts?

There are many ways you could accidentally shared your home address. Post. Comment. Event. Note. These are public areas. Everything you shared at these places, anyone can see it. Then, here is my next advice. If you want to stay private on Facebook, never share your home address. If necessary, send it through private message.

Work and education history

How do you get more friends on Facebook? Manually? Not so efficient. What if you can find your work colleagues? Or perhaps your high school friends? Now, that will save much time. Just type where you worked and studies, Facebook will do the rest for you.

No doubt, this makes everything simpler. However, just like I said, everything comes with a price. (PS. Even Netflix realizes this) This time, it would be your office address. Let’s imagine what would happen if someone know where you work. That person can easily blackmail you. Or perhaps that person can hack into your office system and hack your desk. Your office stuffs, which were supposed to be secret, can be leaked online.

Want to avoid this? Stay private on Facebook. How? Never share your work and education history.

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