PlentyOfFish Went Under Malvertising Attack

PlentyOfFish members need to review their account after reading this post. While our mind still recalls the recent Ashley Madison leak, we got report on similar attack on PlentyOfFish.

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Malvertising Attacks on PlentyOfFish: What is it about Dating Platform?

Last time we know, the attackers use Nuclear exploit kit to drop massive attacks at once. With this, you should expect to have your system disabled (read PC World report on this attack here). Just like any malvertising attack, this attack also involves an ad network. They use to host the exploit kit and target thousands of PlentyOfFish users. The impact was huge. Yet, we should be able to prevent it. Just a few days after the break, our security experts told us the truth. They had predicted the event from a day before the incident. That is when they found the network was related to a rare malvertising attack. At first, they thought that it was another random attack. Well, it was until they realize that it wasn’t random. That day, the attackers simulated their strategies. They used multiple hoops to cover their tracks. Then, they lead their victims to malicious page.

The malvertising attack was not the only threat. The attackers also injected Trojans to PlentyOfFish users. It is possible for two reasons. First, both attacks took the same time. Second, they involve the same network. Learning this fact might be too late to prevent the attack. However, it is never too late to fix it. After getting reports from their members, PlentyOfFish have become aware of this issue. They quickly began solving this problem as they received the reports.

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Malvertisers also injected Trojans to infected PlentyOfFish members

I am PlentyOfFish member. What Should I do?

Most malvertising attacks target online dating platform for a simple reason. There are a lot of people visiting the site every day. The bigger the daily audience, the bigger the impact. That’s how the attack works. These people do not concern on your private life. They don’t need any reason to attack you or who you are. Stay safe. This is the best thing you can do and we can help you. You don’t need to learn everything about online security. VPN Asia will do it for you.

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You should never suffer the same fate as PlentyOfFish users if you use VPN Asia to keep you safe

Our VPN Asia will keep you safe. How we do it? First, we encrypt your data transmission. This way, no one will be able to sneak a peak on your data. Second, we secure your system from any unauthorized access. So, even if you visited malicious websites which account for 58% of the attack, you will be safe. No threat can pass through our perimeter. You can enjoy surfing the web, without worrying anything. There will be nothing stands between your safe browsing and our job in keeping you safe. Nothing, not even the massive malvertising attack on PlentyOfFish would bother your browsing.

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