League of Legends Guide: The Darkin Blade

There’s a secret beyond anything. Look for the secret and you’ll beat any challenge with ease. This is my #1 rule in playing League of Legends. Instead of playing randomly and getting burnt after playing 2 – 3 games, there is a better for you to play the game. You played the games using your favorite champion, but died soon after. Well, that’s boring and some people, instead of finding the secret of playing the game, they keep playing the same pattern: choose another champion and play the game again. Now, let me tell you, these people are the ones who make the game boring. Unless you want to be like them, you better read this guide.

Atrox in League of Legends

Fact: If you see someone in a game, it’s probably someone from either Team Builder or Atrox. Personally, I love this champion. Whenever I want to win a game, it’s either Team Builder or Atrox I would choose. I have played them since their release. Well, sometimes I simply choose them whenever I want to play a bit dirty and destroy all my opponents 🙂

A dirty game, that’s what I call it. That’s the feeling I get when I play Atrox in League of Legends and his strengths to send my opponents back to their home.

The Pros

First, he’s different. Unlike other characters, his main strength doesn’t lie in his early-mid game strength. You won’t find him lurking at the late part of the game, being a hyper carry. He’s not a character you resurrect, which makes more players hate him. Get him a fatal damage and game over.

So, if you were looking for a character with those powers, Atrox is certainly not for you. His true strength lies in one mysterious fact: we only know a little about him. He is probably one of the greatest mysteries in League of Legends.

Even though I’ve played the game for months, I’m still curious on Atrox’s true ability. Last month, for example, I was sitting at Diamond 5. It was then when I though about taking Atrox to win the game. As expected, I won it. Quite easy, but still I was curious about how far his strength might bring me to victory. Even if I fought alone, Atrox would bring me to victory. I can easily take down my opponents quickly in the early stages of the game or wait them to give some damages to Atrox then eliminate them. Both delivers the same result. This leaves me one big question about this legendary League of Legends character. How much do we know about him? Many have used him and succeeded, but there also plenty of players who fought him and all of them were defeated almost instantly. Will this man stays a mystery?

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Aatrox: The Mysterious Legend from League of Legends

Somehow, you can use this fact to your advantage. Once you get used to play Atrox, you’ll learn how much damage he’ll deliver, which your opponents will likely not. In fact, with Atrox, you are part of few champions in League of Legends with insane power spike once you reached level 3.

There are mysteries surrounding this character. With the whole power he gets, everyone should love him, but how come there are some who hate him? What makes him less preferable than other champions in Leagues of Legends?

The Cons

During the first few levels, Atrox is a very effective champion, but as the game progresses, you should re-think on using it. My advice? You better have at least 2 kills and more gold than your enemy if you still want to live. What I am trying to tell you is your Atrox needs to be fed. Even is not a choice as your enemy’s frequently-picked champion will easily beat you and provide more experience for his team than you will.

Atrox may be a great champion, but he is not the best. Anything he can do, there are other champions in League of Legends who can do it better.

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#1 mystery of League of Legends: anything your champion can do, there is another champion who can do it better

Atrox is basically a fighter. He’s probably one of the best, but there is another champion, like Irelia, who can beat him with ease. Also, beware of Wukong, another champion who can beat you, thanks to his game-changing ultimate power. These champions are not easy to deal, especially if you depend only on your strength. In this case, you will be easily defeated by Riven. He is far stronger than you. Even without a strategy, you’ll be dust in seconds.

So, why do we play him in League of Legends?

Despite his weaknesses, Atrox is my favorite character for one simple reason. He may not be the best champion in League of Legends, but he is certainly the best killing machine in this game before I reach level 6. It means that I can save much time to reach this level by using Atrox, instead of other champions. His weaknesses might become a problem, but only if you don’t know how to minimize it. Yes, there is a way to do it and the key lies on exploiting your enemy’s lack of knowledge in Atrox. The less they know about him, the faster you’ll win.

Fact #1: You don’t need masteries or item builds to win the game. You only need to think where to take him. Please also remember that I only recommend Atrox for any ELO below High Platinum or Diamond. After that, I recommend choosing another champion to help with your mission in League of Legends. As you moved to the next level, you’ll find both stronger and smarter enemies. Killing them won’t be easy, especially if you depend on your level-6 strength and self-healing ability.

So, where should I play Atrox?

First thing to remember: Atrox is quite versatile. Basically, within the first 5 levels, he will help you gain victory wherever you use him. However, if I might advice, the answer would be top, middle, and jungle.

Middle is my most recommended option. Top lane, at the other side, is too shabby. At this place, your enemies are not so easy to kill. As for jungle, it is more like a gamble. Your Atrox will turn not as good as you expected, but still you have choices to pick the act, whether it is a less-effective version of League of Legends Master Yi, farm heavy champion, generic ganker, or other choices. At jungle, almost everything becomes uncertain. The only certain thing is you can pull off some tower dives using your passive skills and live through it.


Blood well

When you take a portion of your health, Atrox will store that portion into his Blood Well. While the well can hold 105 – 870 health, in the last 5 seconds, it also depletes by approximately 2%/second if you don’t suffer damage. Upon suffering fatal damage, your character will enter statis stage and drain his Blood Well. Doing this will allow him to heal over the next 2 – 3 seconds, using up to 35% of the well’s maximum capacity. It’s a tricky ability, if I might said, the one which allow you to kill with ease in League of Legends.

Dark Flight

This ability allows Atrox to fly or dash to specific target area, upon a brief delay. While costing 10% of your current health, your nearby enemies will deal serious physical damage for nearly 1 second. The attack is short, but extremely useful especially if you are looking to defeat multiple enemies at once.

Blood Price

This ability enables a bonus effect on your every fourth basic attack during every battle in League of Legends. Turn the toggle off and you will have self-healing ability. The amount will triple under 50% health. Turn the toggle on and you will get extra physical damage, while sacrificing your own health.

Please use this ability carefully. As you can see, it requires good time management. You should pick the best time to turn your toggle on and off, or you will lose. Focus on your health bar as switching your toggle on and off will affect i.t

Blades of Torment

Once activated, your character will attack nearby enemies with two converging energy waves. This ability specifically targets your enemies’ magical ability by slowing down their movement by 40%. Since many players are still unaware of the impact of this ability, using them at the early stage of League of Legends is heavily recommended. Once hit, it’ll be difficult to activate even a simple ability.


This ability allows Aatrox to draw in his foes’ blood and deliver serious magical damage to his nearby enemy champions. At the same time, it also allows him to increase his attack range and speed for 12 seconds while filling the Blood Well up to 20% for each hit.


As a standard Attack Damage, Rune gives Aatrox 1 Attack Damage page and two Life Steal Quintessences. As for Masteries, you will gain the standard 21-9-0 assassin, which allows you to fasten your cooling down process as well as the blade weaving and spell in every stage in League of Legends.

Lane Aatrox

The middle lane, my favorite place for one reason. If I lane Aatrox there, no one can beat or even take an even with me. The only thing I hate here is the mages. Their attacks may not kill you, but the way they do it, just give soars to my eyes. So, if I were you, I will soak up the damage. Then, find an opening to deliver my Dark Flight, then Blades of Torment, and finally the final hit from Blood Price. This way, you can guarantee your victory.

As for the top lane, you can apply similar concepts. However, please be more careful in using your Blood Price. At this lane, it’s likely you will face duelists who look and fight similar to you. Nevertheless, I am absolutely sure you can beat most of your enemies, except the Riven from League of Legends level 6.

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Aatrox, a Legendary Champion in Leagues of Legends

I don’t recommend taking your Aatrox to the top lance because as the laning phase goes longer, the stronger your enemies will be. At this chance, your enemies will build a smart countermeasure strategies to hold your attack. If you still insist on taking Aatrox to this lane, make sure you come with a strategy and lots of items. At least, you can survive there.

Middle lane is in between. It’s more difficult than the lower lane, but easier than the top lane. Mages become easy targets. So, if you want to train on your strategies, better start it from this one. I recommend using Doran’s Blade, Blade of the Ruined King, and Trinity Force for your training in League of Legends. Learn them well and you might be able to defeat mages in top lane.

Jungle Aatrox

Whether you like it or not, you will have to bring Aatrox to this place someday. When it comes, you’d better ready for that. This place is fairly difficult to survive. The only known best way to survive here is by using the Blood Price, but continuous use of this ability will deplete your health. That’s why if you only have 50% health left, better leave this place. Unless you have the Blade of the Ruined King and/or Devourer, your journey will be a tough one.

When should you play Aatrox?

Choosing Aatrox in League of Legends means only one thing: you’ll dominate the game for the first 5 levels. During that, wherever you take this champion, you will beat your enemies with ease. If you take your Aatrox to the top lane, not even a single enemy can defeat you, but don’t waste your time. Choose other champions with less resistance to your damage output to win the game quickly, such as Irelia, Jax, Singed, Nasus etc. Their skills are basically below you, but beware of their players. With plenty of experience and strategies, their weakness may turn into your defeat. So, make sure you add your skills and abilities with some advanced strategies. Don’t ignore the players as they will become a huge problem to you. Never skip a fight, but use them to hone your skills and learn other champions. One more thing: never teleport.

I realize its the meta, but playing Aatrox is another thing. It is ‘go big or go home.” The only way to win in Leagues of Legends is to become an important part of your team. Teleport may help you to kill a champion somewhere else on the map, but it also means leaving your own team and playing alone. As long as I remember, that’s not how we describe teamwork.

When should I hide Aatrox?

Avoid fighting with these champions in League of Legends: Gangplank, Tryndamere, Fiora, and Riven.

fiora, aatrox, league of legends, vpn, asia, vpn asia
When playing Aatrox in League of Legends, make sure you don’t meet this champion: Fiora.

Give Gangplank an orange and he will turn you into dust.

Once he reached level 6, you’ll be no match for Tryndamere. The only way to win from him is fighting a really bad player.

Fiora is another nightmare. With a well-played strategy, she can reduce your damage output by parrying your Blood Price. Avoid fighting her or you will lose your victory.

As for Riven, he practically has similar damage output as Aatrox, so it’s a bit risky fighting him. Even a really bad player can extinguish you in seconds.

League of Legends: Each Game is Unique

Yup, that’s it. I’ve told you everything I know about Aatrox. However, there is something I want you to remember about playing Aatrox in League of Legends. Every game is unique. You can’t expect to have the same end as your friend’s game even though you play the same champion. It depends on various aspects. It includes your playing style, strategies, and field as well as enemy assessment. Basically, the more you know about your character, the game, and your enemy, the better your future in the game will be.



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