VPN Myths, Let us Reveal the Facts

VPN has brought benefit to many people’s life, yet we still have lot of VPN myths. Well, it is time to reveal the truth. This time, I will show you top 5 VPN myths and truth about them. Get ready guys!

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VPN myths and facts: find out the truth now

Revealing the Truth about VPN Myths

1. Slow Internet Connection

    Myth: VPN makes my connection super slow.

    Fact: VPN encrypts your data before transmitting it. Meantime, this process will split your connection between VPN server and the web. As a result, you will experience a slow connection, but not a super slow one.

vpn myths, vpn, asia, vpn, asia
VPN myths: is it true that VPN slow down your internet connection?

2. Complex Setting

     This is probably the most famous myth among other VPN myths. People avoid using VPN because they believe it is difficult. Well, the truth is: VPN is simple. Many VPN applications today, such as VPN Asia, provide user-friendly design and settings. Instead of everything you are afraid of, VPN Asia provides uncomplicated, simple, and straightforward VPN settings. You just need to download the application here, choose your subscription plan, and start browsing the world without hesitation. That’s it!

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With VPN Asia, you can easily set your VPN. No more VPN myths

3. User Logs

     Myth: VPN is dangerous. It stores your personal data.

     Truth: Unlike other VPN myths, this news might be true as some VPN providers caught keeping their user logs. However, they had been brought to justice. Meanwhile, we can assure you one thing. VPN Asia puts your security and privacy at our priority. We keep nothing of your logs. You can browse freely without hesitation. You can keep our promise.

vpn myths, privacy, user logs, vpn, asia, vpn asia
VPN Asia honors your privacy. Therefore, we keep nothing from your logs. It is your right to remain private and we will keep it like that

4. I don’t need VPN

    Some people believe they do not need VPN because they do not have something precious to steal. Well, let me tell you. The most precious information is your personal information. Those online criminals would love to get your name, address, email address, phone, social security number, bank account number, and other personal information. Once they got it, they can sell your information or blackmail you. In fact, I could tell you that most online attacks today happen because people lack awareness of their own security.

vpn myths, vpn, asia, vpn asia, truth
Really, you don’t need VPN? You might be surprised to learn the truth of this VPN myths

5. Security Features

     People just love growing VPN myths. Some people believe antivirus is enough. Well, let me tell you the fact. Do not rely on your antivirus. Even the most advanced antivirus can’t give you 80% security guarantee. However, if you combine your antivirus with our VPN Asia, at least we can be sure you will be 95% safe. While your antivirus keeps your system safe by rejecting any unauthorized access, VPN Asia works by encrypting your data transmission. We secure your line, while your antivirus keeps your doors closed. It is a perfect security combination.

Now, you know the top 5 VPN myths. This time, we learn one important fact. It is crucial to install VPN in your computer and we do recommend VPN Asia. It is easy to set up, preserves your internet speed, keeps nothing of your logs, and secures your connection. VPN Asia is your one-stop solution of a secured, worry-free connection. Leave all the VPN myths and trust your online activities with VPN Asia.

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