Let’s Learn About Privacy

The internet, probably the most controversial thing on earth. It is a global network not only for everyone, but also everything. Using the web, you can do almost everything. As long as you can imagine it, you can probably do it. From changing the world to ruining it. Everything is possible on the web. That’s why there’s always a controversy on it, especially when we talk about this thing. Privacy.privacy, vpn, asia, vpn asia, security

So, What is Privacy?

It is one of our basic emotions. It’s the same thing like aspiration, understanding, empathy, and love. Together, they build our life as human. It is the exact same feeling when you spend your ‘me’ time. It is the feeling of being respected. Also, by respecting someone’s privacy, we actually admit him for being human. There is no life without privacy as no man can live without it. Privacy lies at the very basic of everyone’s life. This is the reason we must respect it.

Here comes the interesting part. If privacy is one of life’s building block, then we must always protect it no matter how. If laws made to protect us, then they should protect our privacy, as well, right? This is how laws supposed to work. But somehow, it doesn’t. For many of us, it is just black on white. It is no sharper than a blunt sword. This is why we fight for our privacy. We fight for being human. And what do we get? Nothing. Our authorities always keep their mouth shut. They know about this issue, but do nothing.

So, why does it matter? If those authorities are silent about this, does that mean we should stop? Do they mean good for us?

Well, that doesn’t always go that way. Also, let me tell you this. We don’t fight for our privacy if it dosn’t matter. Privacy is what makes us human. If we lose it, we lose our humanity. There is one more thing. Today, privacy is more important than ever. The reason is right before your eyes. The internet.

Today the internet is everywhere. With more than 40% of global penetration in 2014, you can find internet almost everywhere. People browse it everyday. We enjoy it. We love it. But, the problem is, is browsing the only thing you do? No. The fact is, from anything you do on the web, you leave something. We call this your online traces.

Your ‘Invisible’ Online Traces

The internet is like ground. Once you stepped in, you leave a trace. The farther you ‘walk,’ the more traces you leave. Each trace tells about you. It tells your browsing history, how long you were there, what you clicked, and many more. Normally, only 2 person knows about this information. The first one is you. The other person is the web/app admin you accessed. Usually, they kept cookies to better learn about you. Well, at least, this is how everything supposed to work. The fact is, they don’t. You see, there are always bad people. In this case, these are people who cares nothing about your privacy. They do everything to make your private information public. Their life is to violate your privacy. They dig every bit of information about you. Your browsing history, sites preference, video preference, apps you used etc. Everything you do, they know it. Everything you want to do, they probably know it. Everything you desire the most, they probably know it. Yup, that’s right. They probably know more about you than yourself.

Do you have an anonymous travel card? This is the easier way to understand how your privacy really works. Anonymous travel card is usually available at cities with good public transportation. These cards are meant to ease your move. Also, there are many ways to top it up. So, you won’t stuck in lines waiting fill the card. It makes everything easier. Or at least, seems to be easier. There are actually risks behind it. Let me ask you. What will you do when your card is empty? You’ll try to fill it again, right? What will you use then? Your credit card, debit card, or cash? Many people today prefer cards rather than cash. It is easier, they say. Well, here is the fact. The moment you use your credit card, your travel card is no longer anonymous. That moment, you lost your privacy. When doing so, a log is created. Inside the log, there is information about your credit card, personal information, and many more. Basically, you tell everyone about yourself. Dig a bit more and they can know your travel history. Pro hacker can even get your address.

How to Improve Your Privacy

There is only one simple rule. Don’t let anyone sneak into your privacy. No matter how many traces you leave, your privacy will be safe. The only challenge is, is that even possible?


You can secure your privacy with one simple tool. Don’t worry. Even though we call it simple, it won’t ruin your privacy. Instead, it will do everything do keep your privacy protected. This tool is our beloved VPN Asia.

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