Legit Websites and Your Security

Typically, the best way to ensure your online safety is by browsing legit websites. These websites offer safer browsing, but it doesn’t eliminate the threat completely. It is very interesting to know that some security issues are related to browsing legit websites. It is highly likely hackers plant their malicious scripts in these websites. Once accessed, the scripts will redirect users to a fake webpage, where Neutrino exploit kit has been previously deployed. Since the websites are legit, many people think that they are accessing the right page. These people give their information without hesitation, as if the pages were the real one. The bad news is identity theft is not the only known issue. Ransomware, malware, adware, viruses, and other malicious contents are also in line.

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Ransomware Attack Sample: Posing as FBI Notice

Many of us wonder: when did these websites become dangerous? How come legit websites became sources of malicious files? Well, our security experts found one interesting thing about that. All these websites have one thing in common. Their content management system is outdated. In some cases, they even run unpatched WordPress sites as well as outdated plugins.

If Legit Websites are Dangerous, Which One Should I Trust?

Today, around 58.7% websites use WordPress content management system. This number represents the total 24.3% of all websites. With more than 1 billion of registered websites, these malicious scripts possess huge threat to more than 142 million websites. Among them, there are 20% of WordPress-based websites, which are still running outdated CMS version.  the number could even grow higher. At this rate, more than 28 million websites would suffer huge loss from the attack.

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If you are using WP-based CMS for your site, it’s time to review it

What about installing the latest WP update? Would it fix the problem? Well, I would be lying if I told you it would be enough. Even the latest WP update won’t guarantee your safety. You need a better solution, which we can provide. Our VPN Asia can protect you from browsing malicious pages. We eliminate the risk for you, even if the pages appeared to be legit websites. Therefore, you can browse any webpage and content you like. Unblock any webpage, watch videos you like, read the contents wherever on the web. You can do what you like with VPN, without any hesitation.

What makes VPN Asia so special?

Unlike some VPN providers, we care about your security. Therefore, we always update our security protocols and system. With these regular updates, you can trust us to keep you safe from the latest threats. However, we still recommend you to install the latest patch and updates for your website and blog. It is the key element of your cyber security. Even VPN Asia will not be able to protect you if you left your system unsecured. Those attackers won’t be able to lead you to malicious, legit websites if you have VPN Asia at your side

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VPN Asia keeps you safe on the web, including from malicious, legit websites

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