DDoS Attack and Its New Era

DDoS attack is probably one of the most compromising security threats. Just like other security threats, it evolves. As we innovate to keep things safe, DDoS breaks them. While it used to target anyone, it now began choosing specific targets. It began with Bitcoin users.

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DDoS Attack, Dealing with the New Trend

Our first record of the attack began at April 1, 2015. Within only 3 months, there had been 2% increase of 5 Gbps attack from the same time in 2014. While it may appear as a slight increase, it was behind 18% of the total attacks. We also recorded an increase in average attack size. With 5.53 Gbps, it rose 52% higher than last year. Additionally, some reports also indicated 38% of the attackers use 1 Gbps attack or higher to get into your system. Some of them (20%) even successfully scrambled some systems with 15 Gbps attacks.

We believe these attacks won’t end soon. The DDoS attack we have in Q1 was just the beginning. The real one began in July. The preliminary reports showed the 34% increase than we have last year. If you are using SaaS, cloud, IT services, you might have noticed these attacks. From our latest calculation, these user segments represent at least 33% of all attacks.

ddos attack, bitcoin, vpn, asia, vpn asia
Massive DDoS attacks are now targeting Bitcoin users. Prepare yourself for the attack

So, why they attack Bitcoin users? Our best guess would be the money. As far as we know, the attack involves a small group of people. They call themselves as DDoS for Bitcoin or DD4BC. Unlike other typical attacks, they focus on getting ransoms from their victims. With less than 5 members, they are quite professional in launching DDoS attack against gaming, baking, and Bitcoin industries.

Stay Safe from DDoS Attack

There are two ways to solve this problem. Either you give the ransom or use VPN to protect yourself (learn how to protect your information here). We recommend using VPN Asia. Before that, let me show you how serious the threat is. You can forget about the 5 Gbps attack. These attackers won’t hesitate to launch the 25 Gbps one ‘when necessary.’ In July 2015, some Bitcoin users were curious about how they systems suddenly stopped and malfunctioned. After further investigations, the incidents were related to DDoS attack.

We can help you solve this problem. Our VPN Asia is the most powerful tool that will secure your connection. Additionally, it will also keep your system from any unauthorized access. Not even severe DDoS attacks can attack your system when you have VPN Asia with you. Our clients have proven this. Now, it is your time to secure your system and stay safe from DDoS attack with the best VPN ever.

ddos attack, vpn, asia, vpn asia
Stay safe from DDoS attack with VPN Asia

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